8 thoughts on “Biathletes Who Can’t Shoot?”

  1. “Can’t shoot” is a bit harsh. She’s averaging about one penalty lap more per race (10 shots total) compared to her competition. In the 7.5k she shot 9 for 10. That’s well above her average (and above the average for the other top shooters, too), and only about 10 seconds she’s giving up. And in a 20 minute race, while 10 seconds isn’t trivial, it isn’t insurmountable, either. (Another 10 seconds back and she still gets bronze.)

  2. I saw the same thing happen early on in the Bike-n-shoot biathlon we held in Colorado. We had at least one bike rider who was so fast that he won in spite of hitting almost nothing, and riding the last lap on 2 flat tires.

    Following this, I increased the length of the penalty lap. Most of the competitors became big fans of tire slime, too.

  3. A fairly positive portrayal of a shooting sprot, though. And, third-most-popular sport (spectator was assumed) in Germany? Really? Nifty

  4. The challenge in the biathlon is that the faster you ski, the faster your heart rate becomes, and the harder it is to hit your targets.

    She’s probably doing whatever works for her. Frankly, I don’t blame her. She probably shoots 10x what I do in a year too.

  5. Since it’s her standing accuracy that suffers the most per the article, I would suspect elevated heart rate is the culprit as well.

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