“Bloomberg Bill” in West Virginia

West Virginia is floating a bill to make Bloomberg’s gun show stings illegal, citing that they could interfere with ongoing law enforcement investigations. It will do this by making it a crime for anyone to persuade, encourage or entice a dealer or person into making an unlawful sale.

4 thoughts on ““Bloomberg Bill” in West Virginia”

  1. Flighterdoc,
    As it is currently written, it would not apply to the ATF or any other federal agency. The bill would change Chapter 61 Artcle 7, Section 10 (c) to read as follows…
    “A person, except a law-enforcement officer who is acting in the performance of official duties within his or her jurisdiction, may not solicit, persuade, encourage or entice or attempt or conspire to solicit, persuade, encourage or entice any licensed firearm dealer to sell, rent, give, lend or otherwise convey a firearm other than to an actual buyer or willfully and intentionally aid or abet the commission of any act prohibited by this subsection.”
    Its meant to keep private investigators and out-of-state LE from harrassing local FFLs through litigation. This is WVCDL bill – http://www.wvcdl.org/LegislationTracking.html

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but….doesn’t federal law already prohibit what they were doing? The whole straw-purchaser thing?

    I figured the only way Bloomberg got away with it was because prosecutors were too cowardly to actually have anyone arrested over it…

  3. I always figured that Hizzonor Bloomin’idiot’s “investigations” were “ENTRAPMENT”. Which is illegal to begin with.

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