Self-Defense in the UK

Even if the Crown Prosecutors aren’t willing to recognize legitimate self-defense when they see it, it would appear that juries in England are still willing to acquit when it’s appropriate. The shame of it is the man had to go through the expense and emotional trauma of a jury trial for doing the right thing. Even in a jurisdiction like New York City, I don’t think this would have been prosecuted here.

9 thoughts on “Self-Defense in the UK”

  1. This man got really lucky. There are many stories out of the UK about people in similar circumstances being convicted and serving jail time merely for defending themselves.

    This is what the UK has come to and what some in power in the US would like to have happen here.


  2. Nice to see the home invaders will be able to rehabilitate themselves as well with that community service.

    Everyone gets to go home, no one really goes to jail… What a perfect ending.

  3. Only 100 hours of community service? That’s it? For armed burglary, attempted assault, home invasion?

    Jeez. He should have went Taliban on him and chopped his head off.

  4. We aren’t that far off from what is happening in the U.K. Every time you pull the lever for a Democrat we are one step closer to a world where you are legally forbidden from defending yourself. Look at the example of Gerald Ung in Philly.

  5. Yep the crooks are back on the street. Rinse and Repeat. The Revolving door keeps spinning.

    Obviously we need more sword control so when they attempt to rape again they can be successful!

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  7. Jury nullification is your friend. Always serve, and always evaluate both the law and the evidence.

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