Looks like North Carolina is living up to it’s reputation …

… as the California of the South.

8 Responses to “Looks like North Carolina is living up to it’s reputation …”

  1. Greg grueninger says:

    I am going to ask the Illinois Emergency Management Agency what their rules are. I know IL does not like guns anyway, I live south part, we take care of our selfs anyway.

  2. Mike w. says:

    Good luck enforcing that in a real emergency….

  3. Countertop says:

    The California of the South???

    Florida, maybe. But not North Carolina

  4. markofafreeman says:

    NC is a long way off from CA.

    This situation is why — though it wouldn’t solve all NC legal problems wrt. guns — NC needs Katrina-like legislation. Most states that have introduced or passed “Katrina” legislation I don’t think have had to deal with a law already on the books that actually *prohibits* (outside the home) possession during a state of emergency.

    But as Mike W. says, good luck trying to enforce that.

  5. Matthew Carberry says:

    It’d be interesting to see the genesis of that law, when it was put in place.

    That might provide a clue to the author’s intent.

  6. Xrlq says:

    If NC is the California of the South, it kinda figures that I ended up here. Not quite as bad as Cali but it could be better, that’s for sure.

  7. Diomed says:

    Looking at the gun laws in the rest of the former Confederacy, NC’s are easily the worst, unless you count border states (stupid Maryland). Even Missouri’s gotten rid of the purchase permit silliness.

    So glad I’m in VA…

  8. Harvey says:

    NC is definitely not as gun friendly it appears to be. While it is a Shall Issue state, the restrictions placed on where carry is allowed are unbelievable, and a permit or a CHL is required to transfer a handgun, even between family members. Today’s Gaston county paper reported a person being charged with child abuse for leaving two pistols accessible to a minor, in addition to being charged with the statue covering this. Interestingly, the Charlotte Convention Center, site of the 2010 NRA convention, prohibits firearms on the premises, as do many businesses. With the state laws against carry at any venue that charges for admission, just about any and every theater, stadium, show, etc. is off limits. Even a businessman, going the the bank to deposit the days receipts, can’t carry concealed. NC is no where close to being the gun friendly state that deserves the recognition and tourist dollars spent by the our community of gun owners.