Old City Shooting “Victim” Uses Professional PR Help

Do innocent victims need to use professional public relations help? Apparently:

Edward “Eddie” DiDonato Jr., 23, is still in critical condition at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he’s expected to undergo his fourth surgery today, said Gina Furia Rubel, a close friend of the DiDonato family who is acting as their spokeswoman.

“The fact that Eddie is alive is a true miracle,” she said at a news conference held outside the Criminal Justice Center in Center City yesterday.

Rubel, who is also president and chief executive officer of Furia Rubel Communications, a local public-relations and marketing firm, said that DiDonato’s feeding tube has been removed but he still has “a long road ahead.”

Don’t get me wrong, I hope the guy recovers. But Gerald Ung deserves to be tried in a court of law, not a court of public opinion.

5 thoughts on “Old City Shooting “Victim” Uses Professional PR Help”

  1. Your comment sounds rather like “do innocent people hire lawyers?” The answer is sometimes they do, especially if they are rich and / or connected enough to do so easily.

    I agree that the facts should be judged in a court of law. We shouldn’t listen too much to the PR spin but we shouldn’t get on the bandwagon of bashing the evil rich Republicans either.

  2. It is unusual, but the “victim” is not really a usual guy, which was my point. I think it’s more telling of his social background than of any fact about the case.

  3. I think the victims connected family knows that the video is damning, and they are attempting to save his future. His PR firm is going to make sure the victim is not charged with anything on the other end of this. When his blood alcohol level comes back in and I hope is released, that might be the strongest evidence against him. If Ung was sober his lawyers should be asking the DA why the “victim” was not charged with assault/battery and assorted other possibly racist crimes.

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