Filling Up a Little Used Category

It’s been a while since we’ve had content for the How Not to Win category here, and yet it seems we could fill it every day by featuring Martha Coakley’s Gaffe-of-the-Day antics.

We warn all the time about the trouble in dealing with the media if you haven’t prepared for it. ├é┬áMartha Coakley’s volunteers should probably remember that next time they encounter a reporter with the video camera already turned on.

Things we can learn:

  1. Calling someone who is there to report on your candidate a Nazi is probably not going to gain you any favors.
  2. Calling them a Nazi with the camera turned on, well now you’re just trying to kill the campaign.
  3. Cursing at someone trying to report on the campaign is generally not a good idea.
  4. Do so while standing at the open door to the sidewalk with your candidate’s signs are on display means you start influencing potential voters to the other guy.

One thought on “Filling Up a Little Used Category”

  1. Do so while wearing a shirt that identifies you as a member of a union local from New York?

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