Martha’s Outreach

Yesterday, Instapundit said of Coakley’s campaign: “They’re just flailing now, hoping that something will work.”

He’s so very right. Yesterday afternoon I missed a call on my cell phone, but I didn’t recognize the number anyway. When I googled it since there was no message left, various forums indicate that it was a robocall for Martha Coakley – possibly even a push poll.

Yes, I have a Massachusetts phone number. But keep in mind that I have not been on the voter rolls since early 2005. I went from voting in every election there to not voting at all. I have never ever received another Massachusetts political call since leaving the state. She must be really reaching far back to try and dig up every potentially sympathetic voter she could find – even if they live outside of Philly. (I was registered as Unenrolled, though I voted in the Democratic primaries.)

One Response to “Martha’s Outreach”

  1. Damon says:

    The buzz here in Boston is unbelievable. Brown supporters don’t care that the Patriots lost last week, cuz this is far better than winning the Super Bowl.

    The look of shock and horror on the faces of my lefty-loony-moonbat friends is absolutely priceless (and remember, in Boston nearly all of one’s friends are moonbats). I expect some of them to cry (literally) if Coakley loses. Haven’t seen that look since Bush v. Gore and forgot how fun it was.

    Don’t want to get my hopes up, but tomorrow could be a REALLY great day.