Another Mass Shooting in Europe

Once again in Finland, as GunPundit reports. Finland is has more guns per capita than many European countries, but handguns are pretty heavily restricted, especially after several high profile school shootings, which caused Finnish authorities to deny permits for handguns larger than .22 caliber. Apparently the gunman used a 9mm pistol. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

UPDATE: Interesting commentary by Claude Cartaginese, who says the gun was illegally obtained:

This time, however, politicians in Finland, instead of focusing on how Shkupolli—who had a criminal record—was able to obtain an illegal handgun in a country that already has strict gun-control laws, are now considering a further tightening of those restrictions.

Finnish politicians will now begin to debate how these “deranged loners,” under the hypnotic spell cast by the “Americanization of Finnish society,” can be prevented from carrying out such attacks in the future.

Ah yes, the American gun-culture rears its ugly head once more, this time shattering the peace in a bucolic Finnish town which would have been spared the carnage caused by Mr. Shkupolli, if only the gun-control laws had been made even stricter.

You can’t make something more illegal.