More Criticism of MFFA Lawsuit

Evan Nappen, considered the foremost legal expert on New Jersey gun laws,  has more worthwhile things to say about this ill-conceived lawsuit over the Montana Firearms Freedom Act.

2 Responses to “More Criticism of MFFA Lawsuit”

  1. ATL says:

    The MFFA seems to be a ruse to draw the government out to oppose Montana on terms which are politically expedient for their own purposes (i.e. State Sovereignty). I think in this case that this legislation by Montana is “born to lose” and meant to be defeated. The very fact that any notion concerning the Federal government surrendering power has arisen purely works to Montana’s interests. This creates an appearance that benefits states (not just Montana) in the long run and puts the federal government on the defensive. The Federal government must now explain to Montana ( and to the rest of the United States) why they must regulate commerce within their states and justify in the practical terms of modern society. Either way this case is decided it is will make Montana appear as valiantly striving for its own freedom and sovereignty,and the Federal government as interlopers upon a sacred right of Americans. Simply beautiful!

  2. MicroBalrog says:

    “Go straight to the heart of the enemy’s greatest strength. Break that and you break him. You can mop up the flanks and stragglers later, and they may even surrender, saving you a lot of effort.”