NYT Tolerance Goes too Far

According to a PBS host, the tolerance of the New York Times simply goes too far. Why? Because they accept without question that people eat meat and that some people hunt their own meat.

Yes, according to her, the Times staff should be treating hunters like cannibals because any killing of any animal is cruel.

Interestingly, Cemetery noted the anti-gun commentary in the piece. See, even though Bonnie Erbe wants you to immediately stop eating meat, she makes it clear that she’s even more opposed to hunting with firearms than bows and/or spears. Because apparently reducing the likelihood of a quick, clean kill, she’d prefer that animals be tracked for several miles while they bleed out.* Now that’s compassion!

*I’m not saying this as a knock against bow hunters. I just imagine that using a spear to get a deer would neither be a quick process resulting in a great shot to the vitals, nor would it be terribly effective.

UPDATE (By Sebastian): I thought Bonnie Erbe sounded familiar. She’s the one who doesn’t believe in the First Amendment. You know, it’s easy to accept that there are people out there who base their viewpoints entirely based on emotion and feeling, and lack any real intellectual or analytical capacity. It’s harder to accept that the media think it’s quality journalism to give them a column.

6 thoughts on “NYT Tolerance Goes too Far”

  1. Spears? Is that a magunm pokey-stick with a ballistic obsidian tip or are you still using flint? I had a helluva time stabbing that deer with my spear, I kept tripping over my bearskin cloak as I ran after it.

  2. “Why is it that we love our cats and dogs as members of the family, yet gleefully carve up our deer, cows, turkeys and you-name-it as if one had nothing to do with the other?”

    Because those same dogs and cats will gladly eat the deer, cows and turkeys along side of you.

  3. We are lucky to live in a world where our cats, dogs, horses, hamsters etc. are our friend instead of our emergency food source. At the same time, I’ll be lonely before I will starve to death.

  4. In 2007 and 2008, hunters in New Hampshire donated over 5,800 pounds of fresh meat to the New Hampshire Food bank for distribution to soup kitchens and homeless shelters across the state.

    And, Bonnie Erbe finds this activity “horrific”???

    She also is in aware that our CURRENT administration has also successfully used aircraft to hunt predatory animals in Oregon.

    Funny (though entirely predictable) that there hasn’t been a peep of outrage over that.

  5. I knew a guy back when I was in the Marines that was part of a club that would hunt deer using only spear. They were allowed only a good set of boots, a spear, and a loin cloth and they would litterally hunt like a pack. To be allowed to become a member there was a pretty strict set of physical criteria that you had to meet. Sadly, I was never able to qualify. They went WAY beyond what the Marines were asking for physical readiness.

    My understanding is that the club never lost an injured deer and most of their kills were pretty clean.


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