Dominguez Case in California Ends in Plea Deal

Remember the case of that guy who got caught at LAX because he was picking up a friend to go shooting with a trunk for of so-called “assault weapons?” He plead guilty to Misdemeanor CCW and had his guns returned. Good work on the part of his attorneys. It’s a travesty that he was guilty of anything, but at least this lets him go on with life, and he won’t be a prohibited person. You’ll notice in the memo that the LAPD were trying to consider multiple firearms, including a Broomhandle Mauser, “assault weapons”, when they were no such thing according to the legal definition.

4 thoughts on “Dominguez Case in California Ends in Plea Deal”

  1. Looks like he dodged a bullet actually. Those are A2 flash hiders aren’t they?

  2. Good work by the lawyers. Still did I read correctly and a bunch of his guns and ammo were or will be destroyed??

    All it takes is somebody with two objective brain cells to rub together to read the lawyer’s memmo and ask the question “These help us how?”.

    BTW I REALLY like how California law lists the definition of “Flash Hiders” as the shooter’s definition being a device that directs flash away from the shooter’s eyes, rather than the anti-gun liar’s defintion of “Device that hides muzzle flash from the police” or other such bullshit I remember being fed in the 90s when they were fixing to both define and ban “Assault Weapons”

  3. Yeah – he apparently gets back the mis-identified “assault weapons” but the other seized weapons and ammo are scheduled for disposal. One of which appears to have been ruled as an SBR (a Thompson Centerfire with a short barrel).

    I wonder about that broomhandle mauser, though. Wouldn’t he have been in constructive possession of an SBR if he didn’t own a SBR-registered Mauser to attach the stock to, by federal law?

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