Reading the Bill

Tom Coburn is threatening to read the Health Care Bill before the Senate. I’d be tempted to cheer him on, but what have we come to when reading the bill is considered a threat?

“Did you hear? Coburn is going to read the bill?”

“Read the bill? Dear God! That’ll ruin everything!”

“Surely there’s got to be a way to stop him?”

We are so screwed.

6 Responses to “Reading the Bill”

  1. I just want to have the tv tuned in when Biden asks unanimous consent, and Coburn objects!

  2. Dan_D says:

    If he doesn’t, someone else should. That may be the only way to potentially kill this snake.

  3. Mike Gordon says:

    Something else some Republican Senators and House members might want to consider, have the bill printed out and sent to every household in their states or districts under their franking privilege . The Dems would have fits knowing that their phone book size bill might actually be read by the public, or if not read then used as a booster seat or a door stop.

  4. I am so for that….

    It’ll terrify Congress

    “OMG…if he reads it, the Congressional session will be over by the time he finishes it. No more legislation for the year!”

  5. ctdonath says:

    Reading the bill will take >40 hours.

  6. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Mike – The franking committee would not approve that, it is controlled by the dems.


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