Jobs “Created or Saved”

This is one great way to pad the numbers on the stimulus – add in jobs that were never in jeopardy:

If you were a tenured professor who happened to receive stimulus dollars as part of work on some research project, then your job, on this guidance, was counted as “created or saved.” Many universities, says the article, are “including tenured academics in their ‘jobs created and saved’ numbers even though their jobs were already guaranteed for life.”

On the positive side, it would seem we can then claim that Obama saved or created jobs for some of the best minds in the Second Amendment academic community.

6 thoughts on “Jobs “Created or Saved””

  1. Ah, but if we hadn’t anointed The One, all the universities would have gone bankrupt, and the lifetime guarantee of tenure wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on.

  2. When I was down at the 9/12 March in DC, there was some horse dung on the street near Capitol Hill, which I think came from the equestrian unit of the DC Park Police.

    Somebody quickly made up a sign to hold up nearby, so as to mark the scene as a “stimulus bill shovel-ready project.”

  3. Here in New Jersey, we use Federal stimulus money to preserve the jobs of state workers who otherwise would have been RIF’d due to the state’s ongoing budgetary crisis. Keynesian stimulus in action, “saving” government jobs that already existed!

  4. I agree that’s pretty shabby accounting.

    Your remark about “the best minds in the Second Amendment academic community,” is quite a coincidence. I posted somethingabout Prof. Lott today. I’d love to hear your take on it.

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