HSUS’s Radical Agenda

HSUS is once again trying to play the general public in exchange for donations with commercials featuring abused animals and shelters even though they give only a pittance to the local shelters.  Most of the money raised actually goes to support their legislative agenda. And if you are a hunter or gun owner, you should be concerned.

In their Obama-themed “Change Agenda for Animals,” HSUS spells out their goals for the first term of the current administration. The changes reflect an all-out assault on agriculture, meat production, hunting, and even gun rights. The 100-item list doesn’t even include the summary outline of new agency divisions, liaisons, and yes, even a new czar.

In the opening notes, HSUS calls for a new White House specialist, a so-called czar, for animal rights issues. The specialist would work with liaisons on animal rights in at least 20 agencies and departments, including:

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Interior
  3. Department of Commerce
  4. Environmental Protection Agency
  5. Department of Health & Human Services
  6. Department of State
  7. Department of Transportation
  8. Department of Housing & Urban Development
  9. Department of Defense
  10. Federal Trade Commission
  11. Department of Education
  12. Department of Justice
  13. US Agency for International Development
  14. US Trade Representative
  15. National Institutes of Health
  16. Food & Drug Administration
  17. Centers for Disease Control
  18. Department of Treasury
  19. US Postal Service
  20. Consumer Product Safety Commission

All of this is in addition to a new proposed division of the Department of Justice to prosecute all of these new animal rights crimes, including the taking & sharing of hunting photos, provided the Supreme Court doesn’t step in to stop that particular infringement on the First Amendment.

I guess this agenda fits right in with the administration’s attempt to consolidate decision-making in the White House.  The specifics, which I’ll break down tomorrow, are pretty horrifying.