Dems Looking For a Way Forward on DC Voting

Looks like, in order to avoid having to give DC residents their Second Amendment rights back, the Democratic leadership in the House is going to attach DC voting rights to a defense spending bill. To do that, the Democrats will have to waive House Rules, which prohibit legislation or amendment implementing legislation in appropriations bills. This is a bit of a desperate measure, meaning that Pelosi hates the Second Amendment that much.

4 thoughts on “Dems Looking For a Way Forward on DC Voting”

  1. “Get over it, we won?” This is so amazingly short-sighted an attitude. Not that the other side had a much longer-term outlook either. Bah

  2. So who’s for attaching a reversal of the Hughes Amendment to this bill? I mean if they can do it with their agenda, why can’t we?

    Yeah you can have voting rights (to later be struck down by the SCOTUS) but you have to give us our machine guns back.

    I could live with the trade.

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