Getting Hunting Ban Overturned in the UK

It would be a good first step toward reversing the long slide. The question is whether the Tories will take up the issue. It appears they are willing, but don’t want to burn up a lot of political capital over this one issue, and end up getting bogged down in Parliament.

3 thoughts on “Getting Hunting Ban Overturned in the UK”

  1. IIRC, didn’t the hunt ban spark some of the largest (peaceful) protests in UK history?

    On the other hand, if you let people have dogs then how long until they’re going to want GUNS?!? And you know what guns lead to? POCKETKNIVES! POCKETKNIVES, I SAY!

  2. The hunting ban repeal is only a minor part of a major problem with the UK. Their submission to their elected leaders and inability to stand up to them when they were clearly in the wrong shows that many of those in jolly ole England are more willing to bleat like sheep than stand up like men. I have no faith in Britain or for the rest of Europe in that regard. I agree with you in not wasting political capital, I would also agree in not wasting time either with people who abide tyranny.

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