4 thoughts on “I Don’t Think This Will Help Obama …”

  1. Where does the Constitution grant Congress this authority?

    Pretty soon even hippies will want freedom.

  2. Is there an equivalent of primers for rolling your own cigaretttes that I can buy and horde even though I don’t smoke?

  3. A friend asked an interesting question:

    Will they now go after flavored alcoholic beverages? Certainly Flavored Malt Beverages, and Liqueurs can be readily compared to flavored cigarettes….

  4. ANother case of parents ceding their right as sovereign individuals and authority as parents to The Big Gub’ment. If you, as a parent, don’t have the stones to say “NO”, or to punish your child for breaking rules (did you even set any in the first place?), then why did you even have the rug rats in the first place?

    There are already laws in place to prevent children under 18 from buying tobacco. You’re supposed to be the backup and home enforcement of those laws.

    I don’t smoke. But if I did, & I happened to like clove & flavored cigarettes, why should I be punished for YOUR lack of backbone? All this is going to do is to create another Prohibition Era for flavored tobacco, same as it was for alcohol. I’d even help in the circumvention, skirting and breaking of those kind of laws.

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