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  1. Exactly, Sab. But it’s especially disturbing to see this being attempted in a state like Montana, although it’s somewhat indicative of how sentiment and politics are being transformed there. It’ll probably qualify for the ballot, and sportsmen’s groups will spend millions fighting the deep pockets and emotion-driven ad campaign led by you-know-who.

  2. So HSUS is getting it on the ballot if they can. I may not like it but that is our system. It can be voted down by the voters. It just means a massive voter education effort.

  3. HSUS has deep pockets. Ballot fights are expensive. They know even if they lose on the ballot measure, the voter education efforts needed will cost our side a boatload of money.

  4. Shouldn’t we be doing voter education anyway?
    Maybe this is less of an issue in Montana then in Washington (my home) but it strikes me that money spent educating voters on the value of hunting/rkba is money well spent. I know HSUS isn’t looking to do us any favors of course, but… I can kick a few more bucks out to NRA or a Montana local org myself this year. -Boyd

  5. Have NRA alert the Montana gun owners and gun clubs and hunters and make sure that they know to vote against this if it gets on the ballot.

    1. RAH, that takes money. Not to mention, they have to convince the non-hunters who don’t oppose hunting to vote against this as well. It’s still very expensive to fight off a ballot campaign. What would really make a difference right now is hoping that they don’t make the signature quota or they screw up something so that they measure doesn’t actually make it on the ballot. Then, hopefully, we won’t have to fight this battle.

      I’m just still amazed at how brazen they are, and that scares me. Michigan – banning dove hunting, Maine – trying to ban several types of bear hunting, Alaska – trying to ban various types of bear & wolf hunting, and the list goes on. But these are prime hunting states. They aren’t afraid to bring the fight to us, and that’s a problem.

  6. And going into ohio to try to ban livestock agriculture.

    Its frightening. And we need the resources to fight and engage them at their level using their tactics.

  7. Maybe a good way to start is by investigating to see if politicians involved can be recalled and retired to a cactus patch? Best wishes. This is too nasty to tolerate.

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