New polls results are out, and they don’t look good for the gun control groups.  75% believe the constitution guarantees a right to own a gun.  Even on gun control, we’re roughly split:

What Outdoor Life left out was that Americans appear to be evenly divided regarding the much hotter issue of gun control: 44% of respondents said stricter laws are needed, while 44% said they’re not. The other 12% were unsure.

It’s the 12% of unsure people we need to reach.  Also, much of that 44% have no idea what the current gun laws are.  In my experience, people are more accepting of the status quo if they understand it. A lot of people honestly think machine guns are completely legal, and think those ought to be restricted. That’s more of the 44% than you might imagine.

3 thoughts on “Gunation”

  1. A map of respondents would be interesting, to see how the responses break out over geography. I didn’t see anything referring to that at the Rasmussan site.

  2. I could be mistaken, but isn’t 44% of Americans favoring “stricter laws” a significant step in the right direction? I seem to remember even just a few years ago seeing significant majorities agreeing with that statement.

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