Henke on Rachel Maddow

I just watched Henke on Rachel Maddow a few minutes ago.  While I share Jon’s concern about building a broad movement that not only can win, but have a mandate to actually govern, I don’t know if I can really join him in desiring a return to a movement governed by elites.  Given the interconnectedness in today’s world, I don’t think it’s really possible or desirable to return to that.  We do need to make an intellectual case for the movement, and I agree that the Birthers and other extremists fringe views get in the way of that, but in a world where anyone with an internet connection can have their own soap box, you’re stuck having to use persuasion.   I think it’s important for people to speak out against bad ideas, but this movement ain’t ever going back to the days of Buckley.  But the same is true for the left.

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