Abraham to Go After LTC Applicants Who Lie

Looks like the District Attorney of Philadelphia is going to go after LTC holders who lie on their application.  It would appear she has legal authority to do this, since the License to Carry Application for Pennsylvania makes it clear you’re making a statement to authorities, and can be prosecuted for falsehoods.  I do have to wonder though, how many hardened criminals Abraham thinks are applying for LTCs, and whether this is just a distraction from going after actual hardened criminals, in an attempt to make it appear that gun licensees are a problem in Philadelphia.

UPDATE: I’m hearing Abraham is also looking to abolish reciprocity with Florida.  I will try to find some verification of this, and an article.

UPDATE: On a Fox Local News story on last night’s 10:00 news, Abraham reportedly suggested she would go after a “loophole” in PA law that allowed people to get Florida permits online, and carry guns in Pennsylvania.

5 Responses to “Abraham to Go After LTC Applicants Who Lie”

  1. Bitter says:

    It’s probably a matter of being cheap and easy with the paperwork already in house. Remember, her office was being used as a political pawn in the budget fights. Nutter was going to basically shut them down. Granted, they got their funding, but I’m sure they are looking for “easy” targets that are high profile in order to justify themselves against further cuts should things continue to be tight.

    Granted, cutting the DA’s office hardly seems like a good idea in a city like that. But looking at the records you’ve posted here, what on earth do they do in that office? If they aren’t willing to prosecute cases, then what are they doing exactly?

  2. steve says:

    On another front, the new CCW law took effect in Nebraska today. We now recognize the permits of 36 other states. We are waiting to see how many will now recognize ours. Here’s the link.

    sv, III

  3. Andrew says:

    I just dropped off my CCW application of Friday. Second attempt after being told the first time that there was nobody to fingerprint me. At the COUNTY JAIL?????? That was rich.

    I got arrested for a DUI in 1992 and it was dismissed. After reading the signing statement at the end of the application, I went back and added that offense to the application in the blank asking if I had ever been arrested, just in case. Because technically, I had been arrested. Whether it still shows up? Well, you never know what the agenda is.

    So yes, I am sure people are making false statements. Are they intentional? Probably not. But if they dig deep enough, no telling what they can find.

  4. Sebastian,

    On the issue of your final statement regarding FL: how does the DA of Philly have any authority to abolish reciprocity agreements with other states? I thought that was strictly within the power/authority of the state vis-a-vis the Attorney General. If she were to try this within Philly city limits, isn’t she acting solely under color of law and not statute?

  5. Sebastian says:


    She has none. I suspect it was a bit of grandstanding. The power over reciprocity agreements is with the Attorney General’s office.


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