Playing the Race Card in Politics

David Patterson thinks that the reason voters don’t like him is because of his race.  I think the reason voters don’t like him is because he’s a lousy politician, and they don’t like his politics.  This takes the cake though:

Paterson told a blogger that some people are uncomfortable with too many black people in power.

“Part of what I feel is that one very successful minority is permissible, but when you see too many success stories, then some people get nervous,” Paterson told political blogger Gerson Borrero over the weekend.

I’d like to see lots of success stories in this regard, but you know, I’d like them to be actual success stories.  Patterson’s story is not about success.  He’s a lousy politician.  Nothing to be ashamed of, considering what success in politics requires.  But I don’t think this country is so far backwards that any siginficant number of voters are uncomfortable that minorities are having all this success in politics.

4 thoughts on “Playing the Race Card in Politics”


    The guy has his current job because the last guy there was paying an manly high priced hooker and got caught.

    I know the guy has vision problems, but I didn’t know that came with selective amnesia and foot in mouth disease..

  2. I suspect the lousy politician issue started when his first days in office, he fessed up to cheating on his wife with state workers and doing drugs. (Oh yeah, and his wife admitted to cheating on him and then called it normal.) Talk about a great start to the administration.

  3. “Why am I going to hate someone based solely on the color of their skin when if I get to know them I can find 1,000 other reasons to think they’re an asshole?”
    – George Carlin

  4. Um no…. I don’t like him because he cheats on his wife and uses drugs!

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