Sotomayor Out of Committee

She was voted out 13-6, with Lindsey Graham providing the one and only Republican vote, which was needed for her to pass out of committee.  Committee rules require at least one vote from the minority party.

3 Responses to “Sotomayor Out of Committee”

  1. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Like usual the Republicans missed a perfect moment to make a statement. It would have made a powerful point if the Democrats had to make a rule change to get their nominee out of committee.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Graham has been too-long in that place – we need term limits for Senators.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    Term limits (especially for senators) means the (un-elected)bureaucrats and (unelected) senate staffers have the experience and skills to control the elected representatives. This is observable already with short-time reps. No thanks. You don’t like a senator, donate to their opponent; ad vote against them if you can.