What Jon Corzine Thinks of Us

Scott Bach goes over the details.  Apparently we’re a threat to public safety and potential criminals, in regards to the Thune Amendment.  Call your Senators, even if you’re in New Jersey or New York.  Don’t let the Lautenbergs, Menendezs and Schumers of the world feel confident they don’t have constituents they are upsetting with the crap they are spewing about gun owners.

4 thoughts on “What Jon Corzine Thinks of Us”

  1. My senators are two of those 3 names. I gotta find out who I can donate to in the next couple of election cycles…

  2. If this amendment does get added, and this bill does get passed, what I want to know is: are states like NJ, NY, MD, CA, etc. going to uphold the law, or are they going to say “to hell with it” and start illegally arresting and charging those from other states who carry there anyway? Even if this amendment/bill becomes law, it may not matter until there’s case law on the books from someone who challenges an illegal arrest and wins. Prior to that, we could see the ultra-liberal states selectively abandoning the rule of law and saying, “Tell it to the judge”.

  3. He may find out earlier – I wouldnt’ put it past the NJ Dems to pull a Lautenberg and shuffle in someone else…

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