One Way Not to Deal with Ammo Issues

It would seem that a Washington woman is taking the ammunition supply problems a little too hard.

Clallam County Undersheriff Ron Peregrin said Teresa Nadine Dumdie of Port Angeles threatened four other customers with a .22 caliber handgun at 4:54 p.m. Friday outside the store at 3500 E. U.S. Highway 101.

No one was injured.

Peregrin said Dumdie had argued with customers in the store after they had asked her to stop cursing and yelling at an employee.

He said she was upset with the employee, saying she had sold her the wrong kind of ammunition.

After she received her refund, she walked out to the parking lot, removed a gun from her car and confronted the customers she had argued with earlier inside the store, Peregrin said.

Threatening staff and customers is generally not the best way to resolve customer service woes. It’s also likely to be a fast track to losing that gun so you’ll never have to worry about buying ammunition again.

2 thoughts on “One Way Not to Deal with Ammo Issues”

  1. See now, this is just the sort of slippery-slope incremental compromisism that’s given us lukewarm hamburgers, slow beer and Mr. Badwrench. Just shoot one lousy customer-service associate each year, have a jury walk through it, and watch the quality of life snap back. A modest enough proposal.

    Tuco Pacifico Ramirez never had trouble at the ammo counter.

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