Pro-Gun Bill Enacted in Delaware?

And signed by Jack Markell? A few days after Jerry Brown signs onto Second Amendment incorporation?  Did NRA launch a leftist mind control satellite with all that money they are making by scamming people into paying for DVDs they didn’t order?  If so, can they turn it on Fast Eddie next?

3 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Bill Enacted in Delaware?”

  1. Wheelbarrows full of sweet, sweet cash.

    Obama helped to sign up so many new members, the NRA decided it was only fair to throw some to the democrats.

  2. Now, to work on the federal side. Seeing as how the ATF is illegally mining 4473 data, the NRA should throw some cash at the congress critters. Crank up the power on those mind control satellites.

  3. Actually it came about because the Delaware State Police had mishandled over seven years of firearms records. As in knowingly violated state and federal law that required disposal. Until now the state law had no penalty for violation. Now people can sue, which isn’t enough but is a start.

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