The “Captain” of the Sea Shepherd was detained in Portugal for a few hours until police figured out the warrant out on him had expired in 2008.  A year late and a Euro short.  He was in Portugal to attend a meeting of the International Whaling Commission, which has condemned the Sea Shepherd tactics.

Hopefully justice will catch up to Paul Watson before he gets someone killed.

6 thoughts on “Almost”

  1. Another reason I like the show is that it exposes this group for what it is. I had never heard of Sea Shepard before and probably wouldn’t have cared. Now, me and thousands of others who watch the show know what kind of a asshat this guy is. Seriously, how crazy do you have to be to get kicked out of greenpeace?

  2. One Limpet mine could take care of this…

    Or it’s easily within the means of an individual or a small organization to roll your own guided aerial bombs these days. The only hard part would be obtaining high explosives without getting in jail. I don’t condone that means of dealing with Mr. Watson, but he ought to be considering the possibility.

  3. The bigger question is how come Japan does not have an open warrant on him?

  4. Justice, or the icy waters of the Antarctic.

    The bad thing about that is a lot of ignorant, smelly, hippies would be lost due to his dumb assedness.

    Did I say bad thing? Sorry!

  5. The good news is, last week Japan passed a new law that gives their military and Coast Guard the necessary authority to use any means necessary to stop pirates. While military warships are forbidden from entering the demilitarized Antarctic zone, appropriately armed Coast Guard vessels aren’t restricted. Season three promises to be real short.

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