Philadelphia’s Failed PR Campaign

Lately, Philadelphia has spent untold amounts of money on their own television stations running a PR campaign begging people to visit.  They even include a pitch to people in the suburbs, asking them to stop mowing their lawns to come to the city.

Except it’s hardly convincing. In fact, mowing the lawn may well be better than going to Philadelphia. Consider the following:

  1. Everything is more expensive in Philadelphia. It’s not about the usual higher prices in urban areas. They already have a higher sales tax than the rest of the state. In addition, they trying to raise it another percent, resulting in an additional 2% sales tax on anything you buy there.
  2. They have higher crime rates than the suburbs. Add onto that any crime spikes make it even more dangerous, now you’re just paying more for an increased likelihood of being mugged or killed. Fun!
  3. Their mass transit is terrible. I’ve ridden mass transit here in Philly, Boston, New York, and DC. Philly isn’t just the worst, it’s the dirtiest and most confusing system of them all. Really, it’s bad.
  4. Even their restaurants are fleeing for the suburbs! Seriously, you don’t need to go to Philly for great food. There are plenty of fantastic options in the suburbs.
  5. If you want a night out on the town, there’s always New York which is a reasonably priced & timed train ride away. While you still get many of the down sides of Philly there, at least there’s more to do. Sure, Philly would argue they are cheaper, but the city is still more than the immediate area. At least with NYC, it feels like you’re taking a trip somewhere special.

Seriously, I can’t fathom why anyone realistically thought these commercials would convince us suburbanites to spend our spare time and what spare cash we do have in the city. We live here. We read the headlines. We get the same stories about shootings, police chases, and other crap. It’s not like we’re just out of the media market. This money would likely be better spent outside of the immediate area without the suburbs line.

In other news, I am excited to report that grass is finally growing in to replace the dirt left after our patio project. Already, we use the area more than we ever did before. Now we just need to make it look nice. Maybe then I’ll get around to finally posting pictures.

11 thoughts on “Philadelphia’s Failed PR Campaign”

  1. And after our trip to philly to watch decay in timelapse, we’ll visit Detroit to complete our tour of famous ruins.

  2. We recently visited Philly.

    First off, not drastically impressed with the cheese steak I had. Second, quite a bit of stuff I’d have liked to do. Did have some good Afghanistan food, and a nice beer at a really great Belgium beer tavern called Eulogy.

    But I nearly went into a tirade at the Constitution Center. Why? One word….


    We just wanted to park for 2-3 hours. However, the meters are uber-expensive and we could not get quarters ANYWHERE. The few parking plazas wanted a flat rate of $24. And there was no way I was paying $12/hr to park.

  3. #6 The streets are total crap! If you drive in Philly, either drive a vehicle with a truck-based frame or a car you would like to see deteriorate before your eyes. And if you park it on the street, it will deteriorate twice as fast.

  4. That is a really bad ad … it really sucks… either that or I am not the target demographic. It does not make philly sounds even marginally exciting.

  5. There’s also the fact that Philadelphia is, and I’m sorry to say, a lot more dangerous than New York City. Pre-Giuliani, that wasn’t the case, but post-Giuliani it is. Philadelphia politicians will tell you it’s because Philadelphia can’t pass its own strict gun laws, but they don’t prosecute anyone using the gun laws we have now.

    I know in gun circles a lot of people hate Rudy, but New York City today compared to the 80s doesn’t even really compare. Philadelphia, by contrast, has stuck with the same failed leadership that lead New York to the edge of the abyss. Philadelphia seems intent on plunging over it.

  6. I hate Philly, the city!! I hardly ever go there. Baseball, Football, Concerts in South Philly I will attend, because it’s easy on and easy off of 95. But go into the city? Never on purpose.
    Subway smell like urine all the time.
    I am going on a work related dinner cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia boat cruise with fireworks on Saturday, and I hate he idea, but I will be armed!

  7. Cities are the last refuge of the press-gang extortion racket – they make laws that exist nowhere else, just to benefit the thugs who run the city. Everyone with a functioning brain chemistry and willingness for Freedom has left. Cities are so 18th Century – like a poor-farm they work the inhabitants. San Francisco is our Philadelphia.

  8. I lived in Delaware and ventured to Center City twice. My brand-new truck was damaged on the first trip and I got a $35 parking ticket on the second. After that I decided to stay home and cut the grass.

  9. Geez, I would rather poke my eyes out with a fork than visit Philly. I would make an exception for an Eagles/ Steelers game. How many D Batteries do I need to bring?

  10. I grew up near Philadelphia (on the Mainline) but moved to Boston after college after a few visits. As disreputable as Boston’s political class is Philly is worse. I was actually surprised that Boston doesn’t have a city wage tax. And Boston is safer by far, it helps that the bad areas are nowhere near the nightlife. Compare to Philadelphia’s checkerboard – walk three blocks in the wrong direction and things get bad, fast.

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