Chris Christie Wins GOP Nod

Looks like it will be Chris Christie going up against Corzine in November, after defeating Steve Lonegan in the GOP primary, though some are speculating Richard Codey will be the real Democrat in the race.   It wouldn’t be first time the Democrats did the old switcheroo in the face of certain defeat.  Oh well, at least they won’t need to get a crack paleontological team to find Codey.

UPDATE: 78% reporting, so far, 55% Christie, 42% Lonegan, 3% for Merkt.

5 thoughts on “Chris Christie Wins GOP Nod”

  1. Chris Christie gives nothing for gun owners in New Jersey to be hopeful about. If he did, I think there would be some other comments about his primary victory by now.

    1. So I guess that outreach into the gun community by Christie was all faked? Not to mention, at this point as long as you guys aren’t used as political punching bags every time approval numbers go down, then you’re automatically looking at an improvement in the political sphere. You can’t possibly believe that Christie is going to do the same slimeball things Corzine has done on issues like one-gun-a-month.

  2. It’s hard to say. We had a brief conversation with the head of the New Jersey GOP that suggested that they understand they’ve under served gun owners, and that it was a constituency they needed to work to win back. Whether that translates into policy for Christie, we’ll have to see. But at the very least, he’d be an improvement over Corzine.

  3. I was at a gun show in Bristol, Pennsylvania, last Memorial Day Weekend. (It would be nice to see a gun show happen in New Jersey someday – we can all dream, right?)

    While I saw some campaign brochures for Steve Lonegan at this gun show, I saw nothing from the Chris Christie campaign there at all.

    The only “outreach” to the gun community in New Jersey that I’ve seen since last year came from Steve Lonegan and nobody else.

    1. That tells me that you aren’t involved with state pro-gun groups. If you were a member of ANJRPC, you have seen a story about it in the newsletter. I hope you’ll consider support the group that’s working very hard to support your rights there in Jersey.

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