Note from the NRA Board Meeting

Dave Hardy notes some happenings.  I could only stay for an hour and a half of it, because we had to catch our flight.  John Sigler is no longer President of NRA, which is a shame, because I thought John was an outstanding President, especially for helping us deal with issues here in Pennsylvania.  His law enforcement background was invaluable in blunting some of the other side’s arguments.  NRA presidents only serve two year terms, and then it’s someone else’s turn.  This is typical.  Heston was an exception, but that’s true in a lot of ways.

For the next two years, it’ll be Ron Schmeitz, and I wish him all the luck in the world.  These are challenging times, even if we’re in good shape, and it’ll take a strong leadership I hope Mr. Schmeitz can find.

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