More on the Ruger, and Answers to Questions

I took some of your questions to the Ruger Rep, so I will go over them.  These aren’t his exact words, they are mine, but I jotted down the gist of the answers:

The MSRP seems a little high, doesn’t it?

I didn’t actually ask this, because you and I both know they will sell them at the price they are asking.  They are already backordered.

Do you have any plans to sell just the upper?

There aren’t any plans for that as of yet.  They will sell the complete rifle.

Are there any plans to offer this in other calibers?

Not at this time, no.

Do you manufacture your own lowers?

No.  They buy the receiver.  They do make their own chrome lined forged barrel.  They said making a quality lower was a skill they don’t have in house, so they ordered out.  But they did say they would not ruling out making lowers if it make sense for them in the future.

How does the rifle compare to the H&K 416/MR556?

It’s lighter, cheaper, and available to civilians now.  I’d also say that Ruger probably doesn’t think you suck, and hate you.

Will you offer rifles with Magpul MOE equipment?

There will be a variety of accessories available.

Will there be a neutered version for people who live in states with assault weapons bans?

Yes, there are plans for that.  But Ruger wouldn’t suggest when it might be available.

9 Responses to “More on the Ruger, and Answers to Questions”

  1. So ruger moved into the lucrative market of AR-15 Assembler hu?

    There sure aren’t very many manufacturers out there these days.

  2. skrip00 says:

    What’s with this “I’d also say that Ruger probably doesn’t think you suck, and hate you.” business when talking about the HK 416??

    This is the third time I heard this. Did I miss something?

  3. Dock says:

    Thanks for taking questions to the Ruger rep, and bringing us answers. I appreciate it.

    I do wonder who makes their lowers…

  4. MicroBalrog says:

    skrip00, it’s a running joke about HK. “H&K – Because you suck, and we hate you.” This is because H&K’s customer service to private consumers is supposedly not very good.

  5. Brad says:

    A California legal version would only require two small changes, installation of a “bullet button” magazine release and substitution of ten round magazines for the 30 round magazine.

    Yes, that sucks. But that’s the way it is (for the time being, since Heller and Nordyke yet give hope)

  6. countertop says:


    What’s a “bullet button”?

    I thought in California you needed a fixed magazine. Didn’t know you could interchange them.

    It is interesting that Ruger isn’t actually making its own recievers. Wonder why? It doesn’t strike me that its actually all that difficult to do – or requires special skill or know how that they don’t possess. Heck, they could have probably made some real advancements in that regard.

    But if all they really are doing then os maling uppers, it gives me hope that they would sell those uppers seperatly in the fututre. Might not be something they talk about publically at the much hyped unveiling of their new rifle (which isn’t, since they don’t make the acual firearmpart) but if there’s a parts market, its certainly something that’s gonna be available.

  7. SayUncle says:

    ‘ I’d also say that Ruger probably doesn’t think you suck, and hate you.’

    If the ruger rep really said that, I’ll have to buy another Ruger.

  8. Countertop: California defines an “assault weapon” as a gun that, among other things, has a detachable magazine.

    They further define “detachable” as “removable without the use of tools” (although I’m using quotation marks, these are not literal quotations from law, but paraphrased).

    Some clever person has invented a type of magazine release that cannot be pressed by the hand, but can be pressed with the tip of a bullet, which counts as a tool. Rifles so equipped do not count as having “detachable magazines.”