More from Germany

Aside from the fact that Germany is looking to ban Laser Tag and Paintball games, they are also looking to do this:

The draft law would also bar youths under the age of 18 from shooting high-caliber firearms at target practice.

Particularly controversial is the plan to conduct random checks on gun-owners’ properties to make sure weapons and ammunition are stored and locked properly. Even in cases where no wrongdoing is suspected gun owners who refuse police access face the prospect of having their licenses revoked.

An electronic firearms registry would also be introduced, as well as biometric security systems to help ensure weapons are only used by their rightful owners.

If they ever succeed in reducing us down to low enough numbers, this is the kind of thing you can expect.  The only thing “reasonable gun control” is meant to accomplish is the destruction of our political power, so that we may be finally killed off at a time and place when public hysteria over something creates the right opportunity.

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  1. Ruzhyo says:

    When has repeating history ever helped Germany?