New Yorkers Find New Ways to Kill Each Other

Mayor Mike Bloomberg tells people that if we just take away the guns, we will get rid of the violence.  Unfortunately, New York criminals are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2008, even as gun killings fell, the number of killings committed with knives or other “cutting instruments” rose 50 percent in New York City, the Police Department said: to 125 from 83.

The news gets worse for the law abiding because fatal stabbings rose faster than gun deaths fell. Once again, we prove that criminals will find ways to attack the innocent regardless of the gun laws.

As you read deeper into the article, the NYPD spokesperson appears to lament the easy availability of knives and lack of restrictions in getting them. Fortunately for taxpayers, the community activists who arrange gun “buy backs” acknowledge that there isn’t enough money in the coffers for them to conduct knife “buy backs.” It might be time to join Knife Rights if you live in New York.

4 thoughts on “New Yorkers Find New Ways to Kill Each Other”

  1. NYC is a joke and a fraud. A mere shell of its former self. There was time when someone could get a steak and smoke a cigar in restaurant, and go see a show without having someone trying to cram their fist up your ass. Not anymore, I wouldn’t visit NYC if you paid me.

  2. “There was time when someone could go see a show without having someone trying to cram their fist up your ass.”

    Haha … uhm, I have never had that experience here. Maybe you’re going to the wrong types of shows? Stay away from Christopher Street in the future :)

  3. Isn’t this the exact same thing that has occured in the UK? Welcome to hell gentlemen.

  4. The tragedy isn’t that criminals are using knives, it’s that there acting with complete immunity and without fear of righteous retribution from armed citizenry. You watch the first “Death Wish” movie and you get the idea that New York in the 1970’s was a place where law abiding people just accepted that their place on the food chain was beneath that of criminals. The radical thing about the movie was that a good man actually had the audacity to fight back and to break the law for the greater good. That needs to happen in New York for real, since the movie was probably as accurate of New Yorkers then as it is today.

    I also would refuse to visit NYC if you paid me.

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