Did You Receive Your NRA Ballot?

In my previous post about NRA’s Board Elections, at least two comments indicated that people who knew themselves to be verified voting members did not receive ballots at all this year. Now, two wouldn’t be a big deal. But this whole thing started when a friend of Sebastian’s didn’t get his ballot either. It’s completely anecdotal, but that does seem like an awful large percentage of confirmed voting members I know.

But then I started thinking back, and I never received my first ballot, either. I received credentials to vote on the floor at the Annual Meeting, but when I looked in the magazine back at home, I had no ballot. (I didn’t look for it before because I didn’t think I had been a member for 5 years yet.) My mother didn’t get her first ballot, either. We knew she had been a member longer than I had, yet they still weren’t sending her anything.  This leads me to wonder about the scale of this problem.

If you absolutely know you were a fully paid life member before March 27, 2009 or had completed 5 years of membership with no lapses of more than 30 days by that date, could you please leave a comment in this post if you did not get your ballot either in the NRA magazine, or by first class mail if you joined after the magazine went out, but before the March deadline? If you know someone, send them this way to comment.  I realize this isn’t a scientific survey, but I’m trying to get an idea of how large the problem.

The Board of Directors helps guide the overall priorities of the organization, so it is important. Not to mention, a good director can help NRA accomplish goals without the investment of staff time, freeing them up to work on other things. A quality director will ask tough questions when needed and voice concern or offier praise when appropriate. When you consider how few people vote in these elections, and the tight races at the bottom of the ballot, 5,000 ballots mishandled could result in a radically different tally. If it really is a problem, it should be solved.

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  1. Thirdpower….

    Call the NRA and ask for the Secretary’s Office (Major James Land) and explain to them that you didn’t receive your ballot. They should be able to assist you…

    NRA’s general number is 703-297-1000.

    Joe D.

  2. Joe, they are being their usual stonewalling selves in the office again. They are refusing to send out ballots now saying that it’s too late. When I asked more questions, they were dismissive. Hence, my pissed off rant yesterday. When they started lying to me just to get me off the phone, that’s when I went from somewhat irritated to fully pissed off.

    Maybe Thirdpower could have more luck today since I know that HQ know what happened now, and I’m sure word has gotten back to them. But, it’s not safe to assume that the Secretary’s Office will be helpful in the matter.

  3. Bitter…..

    Although I cannot speak for the Secretary’s Office, I will apologize if anyone has made you angry or mad over this situation.

    I called the office myself and found out that yesterday – indeed – was the last day to request a ballot or have one replaced.

    Sorry if this causes anyone any inconvenience….


  4. Wait, what? In that case, they denied ballots to at least 3 people who requested one yesterday.

    This is really getting absurd.

  5. Just for our tracking, another blog reader and lifer we recruited in January wasn’t sent a ballot either.

    At this rate, probably about 1/3 of the life members I know haven’t received ballots in the last couple of years.

  6. My wife and I are both Life Members since 2007 or thereabouts. I recall getting (and sending in) our first ballot — I was excited! But nothing since then.

  7. I noticed you said “fully paid Life Member”. Maybe the rules have changed but years ago when I was an Easy Pay Life member, I also received a ballot in my magazine.

  8. No, they have not changed. If you on the EPL plan and had been a member for more than 5 years, then you would fall under the 5 year rule. An EPL member who has not been a member for 5 years cannot vote until they stick it out for 5 years or pay off their membership.

  9. Come to think of it, I was an annual member for years before starting EPL so I’d say you are right. Probably just coincidence that as soon as I started EPL I started receiving the ballots. On another note, since I started receiving the ballots, I can’t remember ever missing one.

  10. I cast my ballot, but there was an issue that may or may not cause it to be invalidated.

    I had upgraded to a Life Membership back in January, through the Millenium friend upgrade program. But it only got “half” processed. I received the initial gift letter. And my payment was charged to my credit card. However, I never got my card. I did receive a ballot in my magazine. But not sure if everyone gets that or not.

    I called three times. Finally called again and it was realized that it had not been fully processed properly. And in March everything got completed properly, I received my hat, knife, etc.

    So not sure what date is going to count for me….even if it’s the later March date. I might still be in luck because I happened to call on March 27th, so that was the date they fixed everything.

    If there is an issue with my ballot, I may or may not be able argue that payment was made in full on my part back in January and that it was a processing issue on the part of the NRA.


    Worst that happens, my ballot isn’t counted (living in PA I’ve gotten used to my vote not counting anyways). And I just vote next year.

  11. No, you’d have every right to bitch if they invalidated your ballot. Screwing up on membership processing (not payment processing, mind you!) is one of their fortes. You’d be amazed at the number of grumpy old men who said they quit NRA when they couldn’t get their hats.

    The fact that you got a ballot meant they had their records updated even if they were not communicating that to you.

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