6 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Tom, and I’m Packing”

  1. The news report is OBVIOUSLY missing the part where the CCW was either unable to shoot the perp or went berserk spraying the bystanders with bullets, making the situation worse. Didn’t he watch 20/20 last week?

  2. See, that kid made a big mistake; do NOT mess with the cranky ex-drunks. Just like you don’t even look at a woman on her period, or exist near a smoker who’s trying to quit. Suicide!

  3. Cool in South Carolina you don’t need taxpayer funded government agencies to protect us. God bless the south.

  4. As he lay on the floor in a puddle of his fast draining life fluids, I wonder if a moment of clarity enveloped our dearly departed scumbag that was along the lines of “You know, mom was right.” or if he lay their in confused torment and his last thoughts were “Shit! This worked so WELL in Jersey!”?

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