Coverage of Knob Creek Shoot

SayUncle has a pretty good round up, and Tam talks about the media reaction to finding people with Nazi stuff.  Our shows here usually don’t have Nazis or anything like that.  A few people selling militaria, but I’ve never seen any real crazies with tables at shows here.  Maybe promoters in this area weed that stuff out.

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  1. When I mentioned this topic (Nazi artifacts and knock-offs for sale) (on PAFOA) to my girlfriend, she reminded me of the “Bedsheet” we saw at one of the gun shows at Dulles. Needless to say, we left that area of the show rather quickly, and decided not to go back. We didn’t bother to see if they had anything “Turner Diary”ish, but there was plenty of modern-made Nazi schlock knock-offs.

  2. We have Nazi memorabilia/regalia resalers at the shows around my region, but we also have folks who do the same with Soviet Union cast-offs, and Civil War artifacts, and Confederacy stuff (the two are disjoint in this particular state).

    Never really bothered me, in any cases – people are free to advertise, sell, and buy whatever is legal, and last I checked, all this stuff was.

  3. I’m not calling for it to be illegal, or that no one should be able to buy it. Freedom does imply that people are free to do irrational things, after all ;).

    My point (made here ) follows other forum users’ ideas: while the *actual* artifacts from WWII have some tangible relation to firearms (as does authentic Soviet stuff, etc,) *modern made* reproductions, and items like the skinhead t-shirt mentioned by another forum user, doesn’t really have a place at a gun show. By the same token, neither do the jewelry sellers, Sham-Wow guys (not that I’ve seen that, but it’s a common comment on PAFOA), or vendors that aren’t selling firearms-related items.

    Sebastian, I don’t know if you made it to any gun shows at Dulles Expo, but Bitter might remember the vendors I’m speaking of.

  4. Eh, I really don’t mind some of the other vendors at shows. They wouldn’t be paying for tables and staff time if they didn’t find demand there.

    However, a quality show promoter makes sure that those vendors are limited. Just like a good show always has a beef jerky vendor or two, it would not be good if there were 50 at a 300 table show.

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