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From Mona Charen:

Once again the cable news programs are going wall to wall covering the latest mass shooting. All other programming is on hold. I’ve said this before. When the news shows do this they are guaranteeing the next atrocity. A twisted desire for fame and attention drives some of this.

And no sooner did she write this, and we had another guy go ape shit.

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  1. The girls in Washington State, and the seven year old boy should have been armed so that they could have stopped their dad after he went crazy and started shooting. Then the sisters could have saved their siblings and only two or three of the kids would have been killed. Be a good parent… give glocks to your children… teach them how to shoot it and to carry concealed if needed. No child should be defenseless against parents with guns.

  2. I suspect Mr. Smithton was being sarcastic. However, my 9 yo daughter has a Glock 23 (40S&W) with Sevigny Night Sights she knows where it is in the house and has access to it… Seriously. I’ve been teaching her that that her life is the most precious thing she has and to defend it without hesitation. Someone comes to hurt her, kill them.

    I’ve also taught her about shooting and it dangers, when to shoot, when to draw, what to do when someone is waving a gun around. The DEA agent shooting himself is an excellent training video, by way. She’s seen it many times and we do role playing.

    To be honest about the Glock 23, she doesn’t like it much. She likes her lilac 10/22 better though. It holds more rounds, its quieter, and she like shooting it on the move. :)

    So I would say that I agree with Mr. Smithton, our children need to be armed. Just like our ancestors were when they were children.

  3. I think that the media plays a role in encouraging this kind of behavior, but not to a large extent as some espouse.

    I do believe that we will continue to see more and more horrifically and unjustified violent acts occur as the economy continues to decline and our freedoms are eroded.

    However, I think this is more a result of people not ever being taught how to appropriately handle adversity, failure to recognize personal responsibility and the shift in culture that allows blame to be directed anywhere but the actual thing or place that it should be.

  4. Smithton: you realize that as an anti-gunner, you are in a tiny minority, right? The pro-gun side are the ones who have real jobs like auto and steel work; gun control weirdos like you do nothing but talk in high-pitched voices about fashion, sipping latte. YOU ARE A PARASITE.

  5. Next Friday on ABC’s 20/20 Diane Sawyer is planning a manipuiated propaganda piece on the “myth” that armed citizens would not stop mass murders similar to the ones now in the headlines. Yet, nearly all recent mass killers were stopped by a gun (granted, some by their own hand). The point is, it takes a gun to stop a would-be mass murderer who is armed. Recent events have proven gun laws do NOT stop them. That’s why they are called OUTlaws! Guns in citizen’s hands DO stop them. I love reading NRA’s “Armed Citizen” section in their “First Freedom” magazine. These true accounts prove that armed citizens stopping crime is no myth! Just look how violent crime skyrocketed in Britain after their all out gun ban (ABC lied about that fact this morning on their Good Morning America Sunday program). Gentlemen, get out of debt, buy gold, guns and ammo by the bushel, and, if I may say it, pray for our public servants to obey their oaths of office. Thank you, Sebastion, for this site.

  6. Oops! After re-reading my above post, I realize I should not have put the word myth in quotatios. I apologize for any confusion. – Arnie

  7. I dont know who calls them “Outlaws”, i call them criminals, mass murdering f***heads, s***heals, and a general waste of perfectly good carbon.

    To me, outlaws is still a romantic term hearkening back to the old west movies about honor, responsibility, and justice, on which i was raised. an Outlaw is a person who operates outside established norms; a person who lives in defiance of law; A wild horse; or something else that lives or exists, not contrary to the law, but entirely outside of its realm of influence.

    These people arent outlaws. They barely qualify as people.

  8. You may call them what you please, R. Franz, but my point is: whatever they are called, they do not obey laws and therefore gun laws do not stop them! Only guns do! That is, guns in the hands of all the rest of us. This is aside from the fact that all national gun laws are unconstitutional (the courts’ opinions notwithstanding) in the first place.

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