Pittsburgh Shooter a Prohibited Person?

Says this article:

Perkovic also said that [Scumbag Killer Who I Won’t Do the Honor of Naming] had received a dishonorable discharge from the Marines and that he has a history of domestic disputes.

If he was dishonorably discharged, it’s not lawful for him to have a gun.

6 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Shooter a Prohibited Person?”

  1. If that is true, there is the question of how [unnamed] received those arms. According to the Brady Bunch, Pennsylvania is one of their model states, which closed the so called “Gun Show Loophole” (gag) years ago.

  2. We closed it in the 30s. I’m wondering if it was a less than honorable discharge, but not dishonorable. The friend might not get the difference.

  3. Even if (for the moment) he wasn’t given a dishonorable punt, it seems like he’d had a history of domestic violence, which gives good odds that he was a prohibited person anyway.

    So, for funzies assume he was dishonorably discharged, and convicted of domestic abuse – it was DOUBLE ILLEGAL for him to have a gun. Man, it sure is a good thing those laws were in place, or something terrible might have happened.

    I can’t control my snark any longer.

  4. sadly, gun laws only affect the honest, those with a reason to avoid the lawful way, always will… And this clown is a prime example…

  5. Where in the world is Jeannie Assam?

    She should be held on high as an example for all to see.

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