It’s too Good to be True

Apparently the Philadelphia newspapers, both of whom take whatever chance they can get to smear gun owners and lawful gun ownership, will be out of money by July.  It seems Chapter 11 didn’t help any.  Whoever gave them DIP financing is going to take a bath.  This could make it harder for other papers to get DIP funding to file for a Chapter 11.

Who will save Bryan Miller’s agenda now?

UPDATE: Looks like the DIP financing is still being negotiated, and that they may, in fact, run out of money in as little as a few weeks.

One thought on “It’s too Good to be True”

  1. Maybe they can get bought by Ruger or Smith and Wesson! LOL! They buy the papers, and restaff it with you, bitter, and other NRA people. That would be friggin’ funny as hell!

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