Is it Raining Cats and Dogs?

Illinois defeats two gun control measure in as many days, and now Utah has legalized home brewing.  What’s next?  Is Texas going to pass a law allowing gay marriage?

It’s good news though.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made any beer.  I keep meaning to brew up a batch, but I usually brew out on the back patio.  I’ve decided that’s how I will celebrate it’s completion.  I’ll just have to look at it as a $5000 piece of brewing equipment.

6 thoughts on “Is it Raining Cats and Dogs?”

  1. Heck, I was thinking of selling all my gear (all grain with converted keg and a deep freezer w/ temp control as well as a spare fridge). Too bad you’re not local!

  2. I have most everything I need. You wouldn’t happen to have a plate counter flow chiller though, would you? :)

    Brewing is fun, but it’s a tough hobby to stay with. It’s time consuming, and makes a mess of the house.

  3. Nah, I have a two stage immersion chiller that generally does the trick.

    The problem is that the ground water in Florida never gets below 72° so you have to prechill it first in an ice bath.

  4. Actually, people have been brewing beer and wine in Utah for as long as I remember (I’m 57); all of the old Italian families around here have been brewing since the 1800’s. The law has just looked the other way all this time.

  5. I’d be happy if Campus Carry passes in Texas…but that seems increasingly unlikely in this session…the clock is running out, and TSRA seems more passionate about the employee parking lot (arms in cars storage) bill.

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