Animal Husbandry

Apparently Florida was trying to make bestiality illegal (because it apparently wasn’t already).  This is a priceless example of how stupid politicians can be:

This irreplaceable moment came during a debate to outlaw bestiality in Florida, which appears to be perfectly legal at the current time. When an exception for animal husbandry was raised, State Senator Bullard was alarmed: “People are taking these animals as their husbands? What’s husbandry?”

I wasn’t exactly raised a farm boy, but even I know what animal husbandry is.  What’s scary is that apparently this State Senator is vice chair of the Agriculture Committee.  God help farmers in Florida with this kind of leadership!

7 thoughts on “Animal Husbandry”

  1. To be fair, with all the new and innovative definitions of marriage out there, perhaps this poor legislator was genuinely confused. I saw a news item a while back about an Israeli woman who wanted permission to marry a dolphin, and some professor lobbying New Zealand’s government to legalize incest. My head almost exploded when I saw the headline, “Heidi Klum to marry Seal.” (I didn’t know that Seal was a musician, not the acquatic mammal.)

  2. This gives me an idea. Once Obama finally gets a family dog, I’m going to marry it and then move into the White House for some juicy fly-on-the-wall blog fodder.

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