LCCC Course in Gun Handling

Lehigh Carbon County Community College runs a rather startling course for a community college:

Like Solt, Jackson, 46, plotted it out in the noncredit course, which provides access to a simulator that is used to train the Pennsylvania State Police. The course emphasizes the importance of using deadly force only when lives are in danger.

The simulator, called PRISim, can play out hundreds of situations that are taped using actors. Students can act them out using a flashlight, pepper spray and an AR-15 rifle, as well as the handgun. All of the weapons and the flashlight are modified to use with a laser.

I wish Bucks County Community College offered something like this.

5 thoughts on “LCCC Course in Gun Handling”

  1. I would use lethal force to defend my liberty and my property, not just my life. Anyone who violates (or attempts to violate) the unalienable rights of another forfeits his own rights, especially his right to life. More States are starting to recognize this truth by passing “Castle Doctrine” laws allowing a man to defend his home, including his life and possessions, with lethal force. No one has a right to live who would perpetrate any felonious crime upon another!

  2. I wish Bucks County Community College offered something like this.

    Sorry Sebastian, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Bucks County still has enough of the liberal-gun-hater crowd residing within it that any proposals to offer gun-related curriculum, at any school, would be met with some protests and/or resistance.

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