Hell Freezing Over

In perhaps an unintentional tribute to the title of this blog, I have to wonder about this bit from SayUncle:

If, say five year ago, you told me that there would be an actual discussion on the floor of passing concealed carry laws in Illinois, I would not have believed you.

And also this from Clayton Cramer:

See this video from CNN. They actually interview an expert pointing out that guns being used in Mexico aren’t assault weapons.

Lou Dobbs has been offering quite a lot of positive coverage about gun issues, and if you had told me five years ago CNN would be asking skeptical questions about a proposal for an assault weapons ban, and questioning whether it was constitutional, I also would not have believed you.

UPDATE: More from Lou Dobbs on the New Jersey One-Gun-a-Month bill here.

4 thoughts on “Hell Freezing Over”

  1. In the late 90’s my first pistol was given to me, out of the blue, as a gift. I picked up my next gun in 2005 or 6. Once I got the rabbits together it was all downhill.

    I was brought into the fold by a gun nut. He gave me the pistol because I showed a small bit of aptitude and promise. I have returned the favor by bringing others in as well, and some with the very same method.

    I hope that these last 5 years of improvement was at least in a small part by me. I know for a fact that my mentor has contributed.

    It is snowing in bradyville.


  2. I just watched the Dobbs video and something he said floored me.

    He alleged that the Mexican government refuses to report the serial numbers of the weapons they have confiscated that supposedly have come from the US.

    Anyone know of any corroboration for this? Where is the charge that I keep seeing that some high percentage of the guns recovered in Mexico originated in the US coming from if there is no way to verify it? Are the people making that charge just taking the word of the Mexican government, even though they refuse to back it up?

    This is huge if true.

  3. As I said at Uncle’s, I’m not a bit surprised by the debate in the Illinois legislature. Illinois is directly analogous to Pennsylvania. Take Chicago out of the equation, and they’re just like Hoosiers next door. Heller and the lawsuits has cracked a door that was closed before, and they’re trying to open it.

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