Philadelphia “Tea Party” Protest

Bitter reports back that the tea party is over, and only about 50 people showed up on Independence Mall.  This is disappointing, but probably due to the fact that the organizations that were organizing the protest could not agree on a time, with some saying it was today at noon, and others saying it was tomorrow at noon.

The important thing is, the crowd booed Senator Specter when his name was mentioned.  One of the speakers was Devon Generally, who is a dark horse challenger to Specter in GOP primary.  Bitter reports that he’s a remarkably good off the cuff speaker, saying, “After he wrapped up his campaign-type speech and the camera packed up, he returned to the mic and just started talking.  People started walking up to listen.  Folks on the benches nearby really perked up.  He made the small crowd chuckle a few times.  During this time, the one news crew that bothered to show came back and started filming again.”

Bitter said that he really put an emphasis on no longer just being right, but organizing.  We shouldn’t leave organizing to the professional community organizers of the left.  Even though he is a dark horse candidate, maybe we can see more of Mr. Generally in Philadelphia’s future.

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  1. Not to dis the organizers, but I would have totally been there if I could have figured out the date and time. I’ll keep looking for a second tea party, we need to take back America. Viva la Revolution!

  2. From the sounds of it, this was a one man planning committee. Other local groups got involved with tea parties in other cities. None here.

    Part of the problem we face here is that one natural outlet for activists is the local party system. However, considering that the local GOP is a large part of the reason that the bill passed, you can see why they wouldn’t exactly want to encourage their activists to turnout for a loud session of booing for Arlen Specter.

  3. Maybe the organizers were unaware of the existence of a powerful distributed electronic tool for organizing events.

  4. Well, considering the Tea Party movement was launched via a rant on national television and has been discussed widely on blogs, set up a website, mentioned by syndicated columnists, used Facebook, was a top topic on Twitter with its own hashtag, and encouraged people to hit up their email networks, I’m not exactly sure what you think they did wrong. In fact, it was mentioned on this very blog in advance.

    Unless you were speaking of another electronic tool?

  5. All of the people who are protesting against the stimulus package should adamantly NEVER accept help from the government during this financial time of crisis that has hit our country. Furthermore, If one of these people are laid off, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT accept any type of government assistance. Refuse unemployment compensation. Refuse health benefits. Refuse food stamps.

    If they need help with their mortgage – don’t look to the government for any type of answer. Don’t get in a food line or any place where there is one cent of government assistance – OTHERWISE, you’ll be a hypocrite.

    PLEASE! Save the money for people who appreciate what Obama is doing.

  6. Yeah, except that most of the stimulus has nothing to do with any of that you mention. And for the record, despite Bitter being out of work, we’re not taking any governmental assistance, thank you very much.

  7. I would have been there too. Matter of fact I would have had a large group with me. The last I heard of the tea party it was in July in Chicago. We need to try again. Make it a date that allows for some planning and there will be many more people. Don’t give up, we’re on the right track

  8. I would have gone if I’d had more information:

    1) was it to be Friday or Saturday? I saw both dates on different sites.

    2) who organized the event, and is it a group with which I agree philosophically and politically? I am not registered with any political party, and don’t want anyone to assume I support all positions of a faction without knowing more about them.

    3) While protesting the “stimulus” bill, what about insisting that the bankers and traders that sank the economy face prosecution for theft and fraud instead of being treated so kindly by Congress and the White House.

  9. I think two protests ended up being planned – one guy got the permit before another the other group wanted to do their own thing would be my guess.

    That said, I signed up with FreedomWorks for more information about their supposed Saturday protest tomorrow and I have not heard a word. I’ve seen it referenced on their site, but I cannot verify that it will take place. If Sebastian is up for it, we’ll go by around noon and see if anyone is there.

    As for political party, I can tell you that the GOP was no where to be found today. Something about Specter being a PA Republican probably makes them want to be far, far away. At any mass event, there will be people who say things you don’t agree with. It’s part of a community. It’s okay for you to share your opinions, too.

    If you want to spend an afternoon in Center City, I’d suggest going by tomorrow at noon.

  10. Guys, the protest is today (28th) at noon! It was never told by the organizer that it was yesterday!

  11. Yesterday’s thing was a campaign stunt by the guy running against Specter. The actual Tea Party is today at noon!

  12. there is one today at noon – i received this from the Freedom works organizer.

    We will now be protesting on Market Street between 5th and 6th street. This is right across the street from the Liberty Bell and about 100 yards from Independence Hall.

    We will still be meeting up at 5th and Chestnut where we will be marching to our destination

  13. Oh the details are this …. we are meeting at 5th and Chestnut at 12pm sharp.. then marching to Market St. across from Independence Mall. We cannot go on Independence Mall because of permit issues. Be there!!

  14. There were clearly two tea parties. One was organized by a local man, and FreedomWorks had some hand in the other. While the Saturday event had about twice as many people, they had no sound system or media.

    Sebastian will be doing another post with our latest pictures soon. We did attend both.

    As for people saying they wish they knew, this is really a matter of informing yourself. I read on blogs that there was this movement and then did my own research to find out if anyone was planning one in the Philly area. You can’t rely on information to fall in your lap.

    If there are any future events that sound interesting, I’m sure Sebastian will post about them again. But if this bailout crap really pisses you off, then do a bit of Googling and see if anyone is doing something in your neighborhood.

    This is how our fore fathers made it!!

    liberty and justice for all!!

  16. We need more time to plan for this. We want to come to a tea party in Philly!! We are in Lancaster County but will be happy to come.

    I heard that July 4th is being tossed around as a date for one.

  17. There are groups trying for another nationwide attempt on April 15, but I haven’t seen anything for Philly yet.

  18. april 18th is the new tea party …

    The people organizing it have a permit for the 18th and it will be next to the Liberty Bell.

    They are trying to get Dom Giordano to come.

  19. It’s about time that we throw all of the “BUMS” out of our congress!!! They need to hear us and quit wasting our money!!! They, being the congress, house of representatives, and the executive branch work for us!!!!!! The United States of America belongs to US not them, and it’s about time that we reminded them that a repressive government has no place in this country!

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