Engel Letter Tied to the Mexican Issue

The Modesto Bee doing the heavy lifting:

On Tuesday, federal police fighting gunmen in the northern border city of Reynosa had to call the army for help. After the fighting, which left five gunmen dead and seven police injured, authorities seized several assault rifles and even a 60 mm mortar.

In a recent report, the federal Attorney General’s Office said Mexican authorities have seized the most weapons from the Gulf drug cartel and its gang of hit men, known as the “Zetas.” Members of the cartel have been found with rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and weapons capable of piercing armor.

Yeah, because if we don’t stop these 60mm mortar parts kits, and the RPG-7 parts kits, from coming into the United States, Mexico is doomed.  Do any of these journalist even bother to check what the law is?

10 thoughts on “Engel Letter Tied to the Mexican Issue”

  1. Do any of these journalist even bother to check what the law is?

    No. But that’s because they have an easy excuse. See, they reported on what the lawmakers said in their letter. So if the lawmakers were wrong about the law, it’s not the paper’s problem.

    When I tried questioning a CO reporter about the BS that Udall was putting out that lied about P-R funds, the reporter just shrugged it off as using the (then) Congressmen’s sources, and he was just reporting on what the lawmaker was doing. If the politicians are lying, that’s not their problem.

    The only time I have ever been fact-checked by a media outlet was when I did an op-ed for a local alternative weekly.

  2. In the popular press these days it is so easy to blame the “gun show loop hole” for everything. In going to a few gun shows in my time how many mortars have I seen? None.

    Perhaps the press needs to investigate what can be purchased at a gun show and what the real rules are. Perhaps we need to only use the press sources that really report – instead of throw content up on the wall. If something sticks then they hammer the topic.

    I believe that most of the guns the Mexicans are using, are purchased illegally or purchased from the army – can I prove this? No. I am just looking at the Mexican government as a semi-corrupt organization. Are there good folks in Mexico? Yes. The question is how will our press separate the result from the original behavior? My opinion is that the press will not go to that level of effort. They will only report to what fits their agenda. No real reporting, only reporting from talking points or bullet points from whatever source – i.e. guns are automatically bad.

  3. Maybe we could ask the Mexicans to send us some cheap .38 Super ammo in exchange for those RPG’s we are supposedly selling at the 3 per mile gun dealers along the border. Heck, just send us the cheap .38 Super!

  4. Holy Crap!!

    A vendor called today and wants me to come down and install some circuits. Glad I haven’t given him an answer yet. This makes my decision for me.

  5. Mexico is flooded with weapons because Bush refused to ban assault weapons. Bush is the cause of all the problems in Mexico but everyone wants to blame it on those damn brown Mexican people to deflect attention from how Bush increasing the availability of deadly weapons had caused all of the destruction and murder in Mexico. After all, why is some of the worst violence right across our border? Because all they have to do to get the weapons they need is run to El Paso and back, all thanks to Bush.

    You Bushies just go ahead and keeping blaming the brown people for everything if it makes you feel better, because you know that Mexico never had these problems until Bush started the illegal Iraq war and let Blackwater go around and kill people anytime they felt like it. The Mexican drug dealers learned from that and figured if Bush could do it, why can’t they?

  6. I can only hope that last one was satire. Gee, to some people, it really is like there never was ANY violence in Mexico before that ‘eeevil Bush’.
    Buddy, I was stationed in Ft. Bliss many years before Bush took office (even Bush Sr.) We were regularly forbidden to cross the border because of the violence in Juarez.
    You, Vinny F., have your head so far up your ass you can probably see daylight. But then, your intent wasn’t really to make a case, was it?

  7. Vinny F.,

    Read and reflect upon the following advice allegedly dispensed by Abraham Lincoln (Obama’s favorite president):

    “Better to remain silent and think yourself a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  8. Mexico has been a problem since…oh I don’t know…there first became a Mexico. It is a bad place. Crowley knew it, Bukowski knew it, everybody who is paying attention knows it. Little brown people have nothing to do with the fact that it is just a bad place.

  9. Vinny –

    So, you’re saying that… when ‘assault weapons’ are available, the brown people just can’t stop themselves from shooting up everything in sight?

    How racist.

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