Chimp Attack

Pretty horrifying 911 call of a woman who had her pet chimp kill a friend.  David points out:

But let’s forget the pundits and persuaders for a moment and just ask ourselves two basic questions:

Or would I rather be useless, and stand shrieking and blubbering helplessly into a telephone while some government worker on the other end of the line tells me to calm down?

If that were my loved one being mauled, having her face ripped off, being rended limb-from-limb, would I want to have the most effective means at my disposal to immediately save her?

I would imagine their solution would be to ban chimps.

15 thoughts on “Chimp Attack”

  1. I listened to the whole sad thing yesterday.

    10 full minutes of “where are they, where are they.”

    Followed by 5 minutes of “shoot it, shoot it.”


  2. The “law makers” have already started the ban civilian ownership of these animals. You never need agun, until you need one and then you need one really, really bad!

  3. Geez… I guess I shouldn’t have joked about it. Though, I’ll be honest, I think the government has a legitimate concern with dangerous animals, for the reasons we see here. Unlike guns, animals do have a mind of their own. Apparently she took the chimp out in public. What if it had gone after a child while she was out in public? She wouldn’t be able to stop it.

    Granted, I think people should be able to own exotic pets if they have proper facilities. But I think the government can legitimately restrict ownership of the animals.

  4. This chimp attack occurred in Connecticut, a state where it is apparently legal to possess such an animal and feed it prescription drugs, but isn’t this also one of those states which bans “assault guns” and high-capacity magazines?

    I still have yet to ever hear of anybody’s friend from the neighborhood being viciously mauled by a law-abiding homeowner’s semi-automatic milsurp rifle after it explodes in a fit of rage from years and years of taking Xanax tablets mixed in with its tea.

  5. She made the poor creature dress itself in human clothing, use the toilet and take baths, eat dinner and have a glass of wine with her – and snuggle in bed with her – which one of ’em should have been locked up?

  6. “Guns don’t kill people, Chimps do!!”

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist….. :-p

  7. Some clarifications:

    The attacked woman is not dead, however based on rumors of the extend of the injuries she suffered, others may wonder if they’d want to live.

    Apparently, the owner was supposed to have a DEP permit, but there is little enforcement of current regulations.

  8. This is another case of an ignorant human thinking wild animals can be made into house pets. When are people going to learn WILD ANIMAL means just that WILD ANIMAL. Don’t be shocked if this women is sued. From what it says on CNN “Travis” has attacked people previously, he should of been sent to a Chimp rescue where he could of learned how to be a Chimp or been put to sleep. I hope this woman is fined and made responsible for the medical bills of the victim. Dog owners are made to pay medical bills if their dog bites someone, so should this woman.


    Don’t know why I didn’t think of “Planet of the Apes” until now.

  10. I won’t pile on! It is tempting be you pro-gun or anti-gun. Who is responsible? The government, the owner, the victim, or the chimp! Is there a solution? I think so if you believe that consequences are brought about by actions you take.

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