5 thoughts on “Is Minnesota Next?”

  1. The California decision was made based on faulty science and signed by a Governor in anger over political meddling in Department of Fish and Game appointments by prominent actors in one of California’s gun groups. (Calguns.net seems to be down right now, or I’d link to some of the discussion on this.)

    Anyway, you can be sure that California isn’t going to provide relief from this ruling if the follow-up studies of the condors’ blood lead levels don’t show a drop. Sorry our bad precedent is inflicting others.

  2. Calguns is back up; here’s a URL to the text of an article from a Ventura paper that dishes the dirt on the politics that resulted in both the lead ammo ban and the microstamping laws being signed by the Governator: . Paredes’ loud mouth in 2007 made for a lot of extra work in 2008 to prevent further erosion of our Second Amendment rights.

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