Artery Clogging Goodness

I see Tam has discovered the unmitigated joy of the Brazilian Steakhouse.  I went to one in New Hampshire with friends a few years ago and though I had died and gone to heaven, only instead of spending an eternity with Jesus, I would spend it with “our servers providing continuous table side service, gallantly walking among the dining room with sizzling skewers of the hottest, most delicious rotisserie-cooked meat. Every bite is perfection.”  I thought suggesting their servers were gallant was a pretty bold statement, but afterward, I had to agree, they were pretty damned gallant.

There’s one in Philadelphia I’ve been meaning to go to, but I need to starve myself for a few days beforehand, so there’s room for all that delicious meat.  Maybe I’ll take Bitter there to celebrate when she gets a job finally.  If you have a Brazilian steakhouse in your city, go.  You can find it by following in the opposite direction from the fleeing vegans and PETA members.

4 thoughts on “Artery Clogging Goodness”

  1. No! No! No! Starving ones self will not work. One must rather stuff ones self for several days to distend the stomach and then fast for a mere 24 hours before venturing forth to enjoy the meal of a life time.

  2. We have a Fogo de Chão in down town baltimore… Very yummy… a bit spendy but well worth it.

    Meat, its dinner…

  3. I am have been to Fogo ds Chao, in Baltimore. Hoping to find one in New York. I was once told, “Don’t lose weight, because there is just more of you to love!” I am standing by this :)

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