4 thoughts on “The Blogosphere Bids Farewell”

  1. I hate to be cynical, but shouldn’t it be “Today is the day he retires again from blogging.”?

    Before I found Kim I had no real interest in reading blogs. The ones I had been exposed to before Kim’s were the ones of my exgirlfriend and her friends. Nothing more then an online diary, really and boring as hell. Kim opened up a whole new part of the internet for me. I agree with a lot of what he has to say, and respect the differences. Still, after his prior “retirements” I found myself clicking his link in my newsreader less and less.
    I wish him and Connie the best, but if someone starts a pool for how soon before he starts up another blogging site I’m in.

  2. Mopar, have you missed posting your asinine comment on ANY gun blogs?

    For the record: I did NOT quit blogging back in 2004. I pulled my website in a vain attempt to save my job. When that didn’t work, the website went back up and I resumed blogging. Call it a “hiatus”, if you know what that means.

    This time, however, it’s for good, and having twerps like you on the Internet makes my decision all the easier to keep.

    Fucking troll.

  3. Actually Kim, this was the ONLY place I posted that. Guess there are a bunch of other “twerps” and “fucking trolls” (I assure you I am neither) out there thinking your retirement might not last.

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