Waxman Replaces Dingell?

Countertop reports that John Dingell, who is a pro-gun Democrat, might be done for.  Obama has named Henry Waxman’s former Chief of Staff as his Congressional Relations Director:

This was an easy decision for Pelosi who has long clashed with Dingell and ran Lynn Rivers against him in a primary attempt to defeat him.

The Lynne Rivers campaign was all about gun control. For it to rear its head in this fashion, so soon after the election, doesn’t bode well for anyone.

Hang on folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride.  Dingell chairs the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  Here’s what Countertop says the consequences of Waxman will be.

If Waxman wins, expect serious heavy handed climate change legislation. If Waxman wins, expect the Consumer Products Safety Commission to have jurisdiction over firearms. If Waxman wins, expect a gun show ban. If Waxman wins, expect a gun control orgy.

This is what happens when we don’t vote Freedom First.  Anyone still want to argue there was no difference between Obama and McCain?

15 thoughts on “Waxman Replaces Dingell?”

  1. If you and people like you devoted half the effort to condemning the Republican politicians whose corruption and lack of principle got us in this mess that you do condemning people who stopped voting for them, we might not have a Democrat controlled government right now.

  2. I can say that my conscience is not suffering one iota from my lack of support for McCain. Support is earned, and he didn’t earn it.

    Besides, this election was all about the economy, almost exclusively, and the Obama campaign did a masterful job of convincing the public that the economic collapse was Bush/McCain’s fault.

    In the face of that, all the gun rights activism for McCain in the world wasn’t going to change the outcome.

  3. Freedom!?!?


    Private sales bans.

    “Maverick”+bipartisan= likely signature on AWB2.

    Take over mortgages.

    Yeah, LOADS of freedom there.

    Instead of the BS “told ya so” (which we all KNEW anyway, except for the kool-aid drinkers and fudds who still support obomba) why not get on the phone and start organizing opposition. Start looking into how to recall these folks. Start doing what the media did with “Joe the plumber” and dig up REAL dirt on them.

    I know it’s hard for republicans to actually be proactive and stand up, as the last few days have shown in magnificent terms…”well, gorsh he’s MY president now, I guess I have to support him” What utter crap! You look at every damn position he holds and it’s clear he wants to shred the constitution. MY PRESIDENT takes an oath to support and defend the constitution and had damn well do it. Anything short of direct, vocal and constant opposition on every possible front is just hopping into bed and going along to get along. You guys just can’t seem to grasp they don’t give a shit WHAT you think as they have the power now. The mask is off and the baby eating lizard is loose.

    As the great and mighty shrub said “you’re either with us or against us.”

  4. I was on the phone, and knocking on doors, when it mattered. I still have the sore legs to remind me. What were you doing? McCain was imperfect, but was a far cry better than the disaster that’s brewing right now. I did not support McCain because I loved him, I supported him to avert disaster. We’re now witnessing the disaster.

  5. Go on … work it out, folks. This is the time when conservative-leaning types will point fingers and blame each other. That’s what the Dems did when the Reps took power. Anyway, go ahead. Bitch, moan, blame, and gripe. Get it out of your system.

    Because afterward, we had better figure out how to come together. Or it is going to be a long ride, indeed.

  6. >I was on the phone, and knocking on doors, when it mattered

    No, when it mattered was 2000-2006 when the party needed to change.

    When people have stopped buying turd sandwhiches, the problem is with the chef, not the diners.

  7. Politics is not a consumer product. In fact, I think that’s one of the major mistakes people make today is thinking of it as one. You don’t get a choice to not consume it. If you don’t take part, it will be forced on you. There’s no way around that.

    Bush was not my primary choice. McCain was not my primary choice. But they are two we’ve been stuck with. If we want better, we have to work for better. Just bitching about it won’t change anything.

  8. This is the time when conservative-leaning types will point fingers and blame each other. That’s what the Dems did when the Reps took power. Anyway, go ahead. Bitch, moan, blame, and gripe. Get it out of your system.

    It would actually be kinda funny to watch, if not for the fact that it’s counterproductive, at a time we can’t afford to be moving backward.

  9. >If we want better, we have to work for better. Just bitching about it won’t
    >change anything.

    There’s a difference between the doing something and doing anything. All your work didn’t do anything to get better candidates. All it did was defend the status quo.

    Even now, your focus seems less ‘what can we do to get better candidates for 2010?’ than ‘what can we do to get people to start buying the same old crap again?’

  10. Bullshit. Tom Manion was a leaps and bound better candidate than Patrick Murphy is, and I worked hard for Tom. But yes, he lost. That happens in politics. Sometimes the tide is against you. That’s not an excuse for not fighting. By supporting McCain, I was also supporting Tom, because getting people to turn out for the up-ticket races helps out the down ticket races. It helped Tom to the tune of more than 20,000 votes. Unfortunately for us, Obama’s had longer coattails, and it wasn’t enough.

    I also helped keep both my endorsed state representatives in the county. We got rid of one anti-gun Democrat and replaced him with a Republican who appears good on our issue.

    You don’t get improvement in leaps and bounds in this game, you get gradual improvement, and often times you get setbacks. Maybe next time I’ll have three endorsed candidates to defend. It would be nice. If that’s defending the status quo, I’m proud to do it. What are you doing?

  11. how witty Tam. What, no blatant copyright infringements to bemoan?

    The “top down” thing is the problem. The feds are SUPPOSED to be small government with a VERY limited set of powers. That’s what needs to change. Money, time, hopping from one branch to another.

    I haven’t heard any good ideas yet. Not one damn thing. I honestly don’t think the damage and consolidation of power at the top can be undone.

  12. They’re moving pretty fast, it looks like they have the first ten plays from scrimmage already scripted. The Left is nothing if not plan- and detail-oriented.
    First they pull the economic meltdown: Schumer started a run on a bank all by himself – must have thought that HE was quarterback – then they blame the Republicans who stare around unbelievably looking all goofy *The Audacity!!* they say, “Who us??” — and Pelosi stalls the talks to generate more downward pressure, boom. October Surprise. Surprise pantsing too. They never let-up on the hits and McCain was wobbly in the rink.
    With Dingelberry in play the turd-sandwich is going to get worse, slathered in Waxmanjuice – and if they move fast we won’t have a choice on the Menu items.

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